Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ridley WIP

Man I was not expecting to be this busy right after college...  This is taking way longer than it should, But here is some test renders of the WIP of Ridley

Monday, July 9, 2012


Dialogue from Kevin Ridgway on Vimeo.
... Thought this dialogue was going to be quick and easy... It was the first time I did it. But then I got some advice from my professor and got super busy at work and what should have taken me 3 days at most ended up taking me a month to get this far.... I want to work on a more fun dialogue next I have a chance to do one.

Bathroom Billy Test

Bathroom Billy from Kevin Ridgway on Vimeo.
I was coming up with something to do a few months back and thought of this idea. I thought it would be funny at first, but then the more i worked on it, the more uncomfortable it was to animate this, until I just had to stop and leave it as it is. I didn't want to do any lighting or texturing or anything on it. But maybe if I did make the environment bright it would have a more pleasant feeling.